UTMGeoMap is a simple android application to help your work related to Coordinates, Maps, GIS & Spatial Analysis. Created by Geodesy Engineers with a dozen years of experience in the world of digital mapping, UTM GeoMap can meet the professional needs of mapping applications as well as being easy to use for ordinary users.

UTM Geo Map Main Page

Behind a very simple design, UTMGeoMap is a powerful application and can do many things, such as:

Registering points, lines and polygons, calculating area & distance from maps or GPS data and storing them in the database to be displayed on the map or exported to CSV, KML, GPX & DXF formats.

Spatial Editing
Snap nearest, edit line / polygon, split polygon by line, labeling, add photo etc..

Displaying coordinates in realtime both unprojected (Latitude Longitude) and projected (UTM, MGRS) from the location on the map or GPS data. Transforming coordinates and datums in real time from and to all Coordinate Reference Systems in the World base on EPSG Codes, from TM-3 Indonesia to Minna Datum Nigeria.

Readable Address
Geocoding & Inverse Geocoding (some require premium access), Open Location Code (Plus Codes).

Elevation Tools
Point elevation & Elevation Profile. Elevation is requires premium access, the free option to get MSL elevation data is available using GPS data corrected with EGM96 geoid model.

Generate contours based on number of contour lines, desired elevation or contour interval. Save contours into a database, export contours to DXF, KML or CSV (XYZ) files. Contour editing: Smoothing, Simplify (reduce vertex), Change color, Add label, etc.. Merge contours with measure data.

Geoprocessing Tools
Fix & Variable Buffering from point, line & polygon features with support for negative buffer. Overlay (Union, Intersection, Difference, Symmetrical Difference).

Geometry Tools
Centroids, Interior Points, Extract Vertices, Douglas Peucker Simplify, Dynamic Delaunay Triangulation, Dynamic Voronoi Diagrams, Convex Hull, Smoothing (Cubic Bezier), Line To Polygon, Polygon To Line, Point Intersection, Delete point inside / outside polygon, Count point inside / outside polygon and many more. .

Used Around The World
UTM Geo Map is used around the world and translated into 14 different languages.

UTM Geo Map Main Page