Utm Geo Map is a simple android application who made to help your daily work related to maps, coordinates and spatial analysis. UTM Geo Map is made simple enough to be easy to use, but has very complete features such as displaying multiple coordinate formats simultaneously and realtime, storing and managing textual and spatial databases, displaying elevation data including elevation profile graph, performing spatial analysis such as buffering & overlay , calculating area and distance both manually and automatically, doing mathematical / geometry modeling such as Delaunay Triangulation, Convex Hull, Voronoi Diagram, smoothing with Cubic Bazier Interpolation and so on.

UTM Geo Map Main Page

To make it easier to use, UTM Geo Map has several modules with specific themes, such as coordinate modules, GPS, coordinate conversion, module for calculating area, distance and registering line & polygon data, overlay & buffering spatial analysis module, compass module, altitude module and several other modules.