To add photos to your data: click on the data (point line or polygon) then select Data Properties, click the camera icon on the top right.

UTM Geo Map allows you to add / attach photo from camera or existing image from gallery to your Point, Line or Polygon data. This process can be done manually in the Data List module or in the Data Properties Module.

If you add an image from the camera, your photo will be stored inside directory: Android/data/info.yogantara.utmgeomap/files/Pictures/. This photo can also be accessed from the Picture Gallery to make sure it's easy to find when you download it. In addition, we also provide easy-to-recognize file names based on data names and dates in the format (DataName_Date_Random number) as can be seen in following picture:

There is an option to add text to photos (watermark) automatically. Please note that this option is only available for photos taken from the camera and will reduce the size of your images to avoid memory errors and also remove the location attribute from photos. Do not use if you want to keep your photo at original size.

Watermarks can be placed on the left, right, top, bottom or in the center of the photo. There are options to change the text color and the type of text (eg. the Data Name or other Attributes).

Remove Photo
This tool allows you to remove photos from associated data.

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