Buffer is a polygon boundary that is defined with a certain distance, usually used for spatial analysis such as the spread of disease, waste, flood areas etc. Buffering is very important in spatial geometry analysis.

Buffers can be made from points, lines or polygons, or all three at once. In practice, the buffers that are formed are often overlapping with each other. For this reason, the UTM Geo Map application has the ability to desolve the buffer. This dissolve buffer is an option, you can exclude it to create boundaries of buffer zones to remain intact, so that each buffer zone is a separate polygon and you can identify the overlapping areas.

Module to use: Buffering
Module Icon:
Steps: Open Buffering module > Click on Buffer icon (bottom left of the maps) > Select buffer from point / linear data > Input buffer length (meter) )and check Dissolve Overlap Polygons

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