This section contains a brief description of the tools available in the UTM Geo Map application and how to use them.

Project (ver. 3.9.3 and above)
The Project menu was created to make it easier for you to organize data, especially for large amounts of data. Separate Projects can also speed up the program because not all the data is displayed on the screen at the same time.. read more..

Polygon Hole Inside (ver. 3.8.4 and above)
UTM Geo Map supports polygons with Hole Inside, this polygon with hole inside can be formed due to geometry operations such as Overlay and Buffering or created manually. read more..

Using External GPS
Since we do not have an in-house external GPS receiver yet, you can connect the external GPS to your Android device (for later use in UTM Geo Map) using the Mock Location menu in Developer Options. read more..

Segment Length (ver. 3.7.9 and above)
Segment length allows you to dynamically show the distance between polylines or polygon vertices during registration or from existing/saved lines or polygons. read more..

Change default line and polygon color and style.
UTM Geo Map allows you to change the style and color of lines and polygons. The default colors for lines and polygons are red and black. read more..

Add Photo
UTM Geo Map allows you to add / attach photo from camera or existing image from gallery to your Point, Line or Polygon data. read more..

Contours Smart Select (ver. 3.6.8 and above)
This tool allows you to select contours inside or outside the selected polygon and perform several actions. read more..

Manual TIN Refinement (ver. 3.5.4 and above)
Manual TIN Refinement allows you to manually add additional elevation data at the centroid of selected triangle. read more..

Smart Select (ver. 3.4.6 and above)
This tool allows you to select points inside or outside the selected polygon and perform several actions such as changing point color, counting points or deleting points inside/outside the selected polygon. read more..

Spline Mode
Spline / Curve mode can be used when registering Line / Polygon to produce smooth line / polygon surfaces. read more..

3D Features
Create 3D lines and polygons to use as breaklines or 3D KML to display in Google Earth. read more..

Change Active CRS
This tool allows you to change the active Coordinate Reference System based on the EPSG Codes. read more..

Find Point
This tool allows you to find a location / coordinates using built in GPS and Compass on your cell phone. read more..

Search Coordinates
How to search location on the map based on coordinate. read more..

Surface Elevation Profile (ver. 3.0.6 and above)
This tool allows you to generate dynamic section / elevation profile from surface (TIN) data.. read more..

Split Polyline Intersection (ver. 3.0.3 and above)
This tool allows you to split polyline intersection between two polyline features.. read more..

Split Polyline (ver. 3.0.3 and above)
This tool allows you to split polyline feature using other polyline feature as cutting line.. read more..

Surface Elevation (ver. 3.0.3 and above)
This tool interpolate dynamic surface elevation base on Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) DTM.. read more..

Auto Line / Polygon From Random Points (ver. 3.0.3 and above)
This tool allows you to create line or polygon from random points automatically in one click.. read more..

Variable Buffer
This tool allows you to create buffers from existing points with different buffer lengths.. read more..

Trim Polyline Inside / Outside Polygon
This tool allows you to trim a polyline inside or outside selected polygon.. read more..

The smoothing process produces a curve like geometry that looks smoother than the original object and is cartographically beautiful. Smoothing is usually applied to contour lines, but can also be applied to any lines and polygons features.. read more..

This tool allows you to reduce number of vertices on polyline or polygon features by defined distance tolerance.. read more..

Fixing Invalid Polygon
UTM Geo Map will automatically detect polygons with invalid geometry when it clicked and ask you whether to fix them automatically or not.. read more..

Converting Points To Line Or Polygon
This tool allows you to generate a linear or polygon feature automatically from existing points data. For example, you can load a set of collected points from a global positioning system (GPS).. read more..

Centroid and Interior Point
The centroid is the center point or mass of the object. In GIS work, we are often asked to create points inside a polygon for placing the database or other purposes.. read more..

Extract Vertices
Extract Vertices is a tool on UTM Geo Map APP for Converting vertices from lines / polygon feature to point features. This is another usefull tools in GIS, for example for detecting pole possition from power-line features.. read more..

Intersection Points
UTM Geo Map can be used to create points at the intersection between lines and / or polygons. This point is quite important in GIS and is used quite often, for example to find the location of the intersection of road networks, pipelines and so on.. read more..

Delete Contours Inside / Outside Polygon
UTM Geo Map is equipped with a module for creating contour lines through the Contours module, this module is also equipped with the ability to perform contour editing such as to delete or cut contours inside / outside polygon automatically.. read more..

Dissolve Buffer
Buffer is a polygon boundary that is defined with a certain distance, usually used for spatial analysis such as the spread of disease, waste, flood areas etc. Buffering is very important in spatial geometry analysis.. read more..

Split Polygon By Line
Splitting a polygon by an overlapping line / polyline feature is a very useful tool, for example you can use this tool to separate a forest area using a river or road line.. read more..

Delete Points Inside / Outside Polygon
How to count the number of points inside or outside a polygon? looks easy but will be difficult if the number of points is large or the polygon shape is complex.. read more..

Count Points Inside / Outside Polygon
In mapping work, we often encounter cases where we have to delete points that are inside or outside a polygon, for example deleting all DTM points that is inside a building polygon or deleting all points that is outside the polygon project boundary.. read more..