This is a learning module to see how buffering process works and how is the results. This buffering command can also be found in the Area/Distance Measure module and Marker Map module.

Buffer is a zone around point, line or polygon feature measured in units of distance (meters), buffer is usually used for proximity analysis such as approximately of flooding area around the river, noise analysis around the main road, etc.

UTM Geo Map Buffering Module

In our APP, buffer is generated from existing data (point, line or polygon), so before generating buffer make sure you already have point data (Marker, get from Marker Map module) or line & polygon (get from Area/Distance Measure module) in your database. To generate buffer, click existing point, line or polygon on the map and follow the instruction. Buffer length units are meters and cannot be empty.

For polygon features, buffer length can be set as negative number, it means that generated buffer will be smaller than input polygon. In Marker Map Module, buffers can be generated from point features with fix or variable length, it means each points can have different buffer length.