Compass Map is a sophisticated navigation tools by using the benefits of compass and GPS available on most of today android devices. This tools will dynamically calculate azimuth (both magnetic & geographic), distance and applying current magnetic declination data to your compass reading to increase the accuracy.

UTM Geo Map Compass Map Module

The target and observation point position can easily adjust base on a location on the map or your GPS coordinate. The target also can be snapped to the existing object (point line or polygons) with some different snap options likes start point, end point, centroid, nearest or nearest dynamic (see videos below). For elevation orientation, this module is displaying contour lines generate from Contours or DTM modules.

For Direction Route premium user (see here), this tools is able to calculate and show the nearest route between target and observation point, export the route to KML / DXF file, or used the route to assist your navigation by snapping your position or target on that. Geometry tools to showing Delaunay Triangulation, Voronoi Diagram, Convex Hull and tools to connect with WMS Map Server also available for free.

The Compass Map module can also be used to register markers. Please note that not all Android devices have a built in compass installed, so this module may not work properly on certain devices.