Module to generate contours based on number of contour lines, desired elevation or contour interval. This is premium modul & need internet connection.

UTM Geo Map Generate Contours

The process of making contour lines in our application is very simple, you only need to point the map to the desired location and the process of generating contours will be done automatically. It should be noted that the results of the contours are only for the purpose of visualizing of the ground surface not for precission mapping purposes.

In addition to making contours, this module is also equipped with contour editing tools such as edit vertex (move / add vertex), Smoothing (Cubic Bezier Interpolation) and reduce the number of vertex / Simplify (Douglas Peucker Algorithm).

Furthermore, contour lines can be exported to CSV (XYZ), KML and DXF files. For DXF format you can also set the desired Coordinates Reference System by using EPSG code when exporting.