This is module allows you to generate and display simple elevation profile chart from line with 2 or more points (premium), also to generate and display elevation profile from a direction route (premium). The results can be saved/exported to a DXF file.

In UTM Geo Map APP, elevation profile can also be created from existing elevations data or contours data using the DTM TIN module, you can read about it here.

UTM Geo Map Elevation Profile Module

How to generate elevation profile using this module

1. Open Elevation Profile module, click measure button (bottom left) or anywhere on the map to place measure points.
2. You must have at least 2 measure points to generate elevation profile.
3. You can use existing marker as measure point by clicking the marker and select Set As Measure Vertex.
4. Buy elevation on buy premium section to enable unlimited measure point measurement.

Save/Export Elevation Profile

Now you can save/export your elevation profile into a DXF file to be opened in AutoCad or other software that supports it. Click on the Elevation Profile that you have created (on top of the Maps), select Save To DXF and enter the name of the DXF file that you want.
UTM Geo Map Elevation Profile Module

The following video explains how to generate elevation profile using Elevation Profile module: