A learning module that specifically perform overlay operations between two polygons with several options: Union, Intersection, Difference and Symmetrical Difference. This module will show how those overlay options are works and how is the results. This overlay command can also be found in the Area/Distance Measure module to help you solve geometry problems for polygon features.

UTM Geo Map Overlay Module


This algorithm checks overlaps between features within the Input layer and create new feature that contain polygons representing the geometric union of all the inputs.


This algorithm will create a new polygon that contain the overlapping portions of two overlapping polygons features.


This algorithm extracts features from the Input layer that fall outside features in the Overlay layer. Input layer features that partially overlap feature in the Overlay layer are split along those features boundary and only the portions outside the Overlay layer features are retained.

Symmetrical Difference

This algorithm extracts the portions of features from both the overlay polygons that do not overlap, overlapping areas between the two polygons are removed.