Attention to our premium users: Please update to the latest version, older version may no longer works. Thank you.

This is a module to purchase premium products. Basically UTM Geo Map is a free application, but there are some premium / paid features made to improve application capabilities, such as removing advertisements, retrieving elevation data, calculating & displaying routes, generating contours and getting address informations from coordinates and vice versa using Geocoding algorithm.

For Premium Geocoding, you don't need to purchase if your device already has a builtin Geocoder engine. You can try it by registering point / marker on the map, if the marker already contains the address data: that means you already have it. Some types of Android devices are not equipped with this Geocoder, if you really need them then you are required to buy Premium Geocoder. Meanwhile, free elevation data (msl) can be obtained by using Offline GPS module.

We adopted the "In APP Purchase" model to manage premium features, it means that users must register themselves to be premium users and pay one time or annual fees at very affordable prices. Permium users can unsubscribe at any time without any conditions or fees. All the payment, refund etc.. will be handled by Google Play.

To be a premium user, you don't need to download a new application or APK file, just click the Buy Premium menu and choose the type of premium that you want from the list according to your need.

UTM Geo Map Buy Premium Module

UTM Geo Map Buy Premium Module

We try to make this application as free as possible, almost all the features in this app are free and can be used wihout any limitation, except for some features that are provided by third parties and require server costs such as elevation, geocoding and direction route.

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