Some users report that they can still view Ads after buying premium no ads, or they can't get elevation data after purchasing premium elevation. If you are experiencing the same problem please make sure you have checked the following steps:

1. Make sure your Subscription Status is already active by checking that on Google Play.

UTM Geo Map Problem With In-APP Purchase

If it's ok, the subscription status should look like this:

UTM Geo Map Problem With In-APP Purchase

2. In-app purchases can sometimes take several hours to work, try to restart your device or follow in-app purchases troubleshoot guide in the following link:

3. If you still have difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email to or write a review on Google Play.

How to Restore In-APP Purchases

If you reinstall an app, reset your Android device, or get a new Android device, you can regain access to those in-app purchases. To do this, ensure you sign into Google Play with the same Google account you used to purchase premium item in our APP. Your in-app purchases are tied to your Google account.

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